Sports bring people together in amazing health beneficial ways that everyone can enjoy. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a great basketball game to bring to light new friendships, vibrant networks, healthy living, fun rivalries, and a sense of accomplishment. Having top quality equipment and the right courts available for use reflects the pride you have in your community and creates a safe environment for play.

At Impressive Courts, our top quality commercial basketball courts offer a complete solution. Our courts are ideal for schools and local council areas with full court or limited court space options. We help you create the possibility for building lifelong memories with a high-quality hoop and a durable tiled court that can be branded to represent your team, commercial centre or council.

High Playability With Our Hoops

We offer multiple MegaSlam hoops for use with 3 being our go-to options for most people: the 54-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch hoops. Each hoop comes with:

  • Regulation 1 ½-inch thick glass
  • Height adjustment of 5ft to 10ft
  • A lifetime warranty
  • A two-week lead time on orders

The differing inches in measurement reflect the size of the backboard. Our 54-inch and 60-inch MegaSlam Hoops are perfect for tighter court spaces that might not allow for a full-court experience. The 54-inch hoop comes with a 5”x5” durable main pole, and our 60-inch hoop a 6”x6” main pole.

The 72-inch MegaSlam Hoop comes with the most regulation-sized elements and a large 8”x6” main pole that can take the heat of heavy play all day long. Our Hideaway Net is one of the most durable basketball nets on the market, guaranteeing long hours of quality gaming for everyone. When it comes to the best in commercial sports courts, we know what matters.

Durable Tiled Basketball Courts That Are Built to Last

Playing basketball on a worn-out court is possible but can potentially invite injuries, and also lead to a “broken windows” syndrome. The more worn out an area looks, the more likely it can be to attract crime and vandalism. Having a durable court in place that looks great and lasts can add value to a community and the lives of its residents. We are so lucky in Brisbane that the council areas and shopping centres are largely kept graffiti free, which means we are able to provide quality and clean sports courts that will really enhance the look of the local area.

Impressive Courts basketball courts are made with Impressive Pro tiles for an excellent playing surface. Our tiles are installed on a 100mm concrete base by our trained team of professionals. Our products are vibrant, available in four different colours, and entirely UV resistant for durability during those warm summer days and long QLD summers.

Are you hoping to promote your school or community team? With us, you can have your commercial court branded with the name and logo of your choice for that home court feel and presence. It’s the real, complete package.

Our Installation Process

Every Impressive Court basketball court is installed by a QBCC licensed installer so you can rest assured everything is being done right the first time around. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with premium-grade materials and work. All work done is to Australian industry standards with trained hands on deck.

Whether you’re looking to replace an old basketball court or install a new one to add value to your community, an Impressive Courts basketball court will excite and stand the test of hard play and time. Our quality-backed guarantee gives you the warranty you need.

Contact us now to learn more about Brisbane basketball courts installation, and how we can help add new life to your school or council.