Installing a new basketball court is a great investment and there are so many games you can play once it’s installed. With covid restrictions over, we can be together again, and “shooting hoops” is a great way to get some sunlight, burn some calories, and relaunch our friendships with besties and neighbours alike.

As Brisbane’s number 1 basketball court installers, these are our favourite 5 games to play on the court.

Timed Trial
This game involves one person being the clock manager. Decide who’s going to set the timer, and what order the players are going to go in. Then, after the timer has been set for one minute, the first player will shoot from anywhere on the court. Jump shots are two points, while anything beyond the three-point line counts for three, just like in a normal basketball game. When the time is up, the player will give the court over to the next person up. Whoever has the most points at the end of the round is the winner.

Five in a Row
During this game, each player starts shooting the ball about six feet away from the rim. Once five shots go in the hoop, the player takes a big step back and starts shooting again. Once again, each player who has stepped back must make five shots from this new position. The game goes on until someone gets five shots in the hole from a long three-point position.

This game is a staple in gyms and on courts all around the world, but it’s really fun and addictive for all ages! Players get into a line with two basketballs in play. The first player shoots from the free-throw line, and as soon as that first ball is in the air, the second player starts to shoot. After the first attempt, players can move from the free-throw line to shoot from anywhere they wish. If the second player’s ball goes in before the first player’s, the first player is knocked out of the game. If the first player’s shot goes in, they pass the ball to the next person in line and go to the back of the line. Play continues until everyone is knocked out but the winner.

Although this game has the same name as the game with water and sand hazards, only the basic concept is the same. Before the game begins, someone must mark the spots from where to shoot. Then, each player takes a turn shooting from these spots. The number of ‘strokes’ or attempts to sink the shot have to be counted. Whoever finishes the game with the lowest score is the winner.

Musical Shots
This game is similar to musical chairs. Someone must be in charge of music, and basketballs should be placed on centre court, numbering one less than the total number of players. While the music plays, the players circle the balls. When the music stops, each player runs to grab a ball. They shoot, and all unmade balls are available for anyone to rebound. Once a player sinks their shot, they sit. The last player standing without a made shot is out. The game continues until a winner is decided.

If these basketball games sound like lots of fun (and we think they do!) remember that installing a backyard court is easy with Impressive Courts. We can take care of everything from permits, sight excavation or grading and we provide the experienced team to install the professional-grade sports tiles in your choice of colour and the hoop as well. Prices start from an affordable $5995.

Call us today and we’ll help you “let the games begin”!