Having a backyard tennis court on your property can be an excellent way to have instant access to exercise. The sale of residential tennis courts across Australia accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars each year and it’s easy to see why. Having access to your own private court is a solid investment in prestige. It also adds value to your home and has the potential to bring family and friends together to create unforgettable memories.

Have you been holding out, unsure whether or not you should finally serve up and get your own court? Here are five fantastic reasons for installing a private tennis court in your backyard.

1) It’s Always Available
How many times have you driven by your local tennis court excited to play a set only to see the court is already packed with people? Aussies love their tennis! Public tennis courts in a neighbourhood can be an amazing feature but accessing one for a quick nightly game isn’t always easy. With home tennis courts, you can play whenever you like with whomever you choose, no reservations needed.

2) It Can Stay in Top Condition
It’s a fact: public tennis courts can age quickly over time as they get a lot of daily use. With your own private backyard tennis court, you have the advantage of being able to stay on top of regular maintenance at your own will. This means with private Brisbane tennis courts, your playing space can be kept in an optimal condition at all times.  This makes for a safer and more enjoyable game experience.

3) A Tennis Court Adds Prestige
Beautiful homes have exciting and intriguing features both inside and out. Adding a backyard tennis court to your property signals your luxurious taste for prestige. You can entertain guests at home with a friendly game. Easily set the tone and indicate your flare for status and reputation.

4) A Court Adds Value to Your Home
Is a tennis court for everyone? No, but when it comes to real estate, many buyers are looking for standout features in homes and for some, this is an attractive court outback.  Some experts say a backyard tennis court can add over $100,000 in value to your home, depending on the area. With courts covered in summer-proof turf that has the highest level of UV resistance on the market, Impressive Courts are a win.

5) A Court Brings You Together
Finally, there’s no disputing the fact that a tennis court brings your group together. Sports unite us all. With a court in your backyard, your friends can pop over for a game after work, and your neighbours can join you in a set on the weekend with ease. Furthermore, when your family gathers for fun and celebrations, a tennis court can provide the perfect focal point to get you all moving together. As a source of fun and entertainment, a backyard tennis court hits the mark.

At Impressive Courts, we offer the best in Brisbane backyard tennis court installation. We supply hand-picked Australian-made artificial grass to surface your court with top-quality UV resistance. This saves you time in court maintenance and helps guarantee your tennis area won’t fade quickly as time passes.

Our work is backed by a quality guarantee, accompanied by a 10-year warranty that’s hard to match. With multiple colours of turf to choose from and almost two decades of experience in the industry, we provide our clients with a winning combination.

Contact Impressive Courts today! We’re the best in Queensland court installation and guarantee you’ll like what you see.