If you’re a serious tennis player, having your own court is not just for training but it keeps you motivated, and fit and can provide years of entertainment for you and your family. If you’re looking to build your own home tennis court, it can be an incredible project to undertake. Follow these tips for a successful project from start to finish that will add value to your home.


When sitting down and looking at your budget for your court, there are a few important elements to take into consideration and to keep you on track:

  • The civil works required along with any council approvals you might need.
  • Do you want fake grass, real grass, clay or acrylic for your court surface?
  • Are any other earthworks required for the area?
  • What are your lighting needs?
  • Will you be requiring any fencing?

Choosing Your Site

Where you plan on installing your court, be sure to measure properly. The standard home tennis court measures 33.5m x 16.2m plus any additional space you’d like for the perimeter.

How will your court be affected by the elements? Take into account the position of the sun and the season you will be playing in most and plan accordingly. Our Brisbane summer gets quite hot, so consider working out the optimal position for the other seasons. You want to prevent any visibility issues during your main seasons of play.

The Right Surface

How professional do you want your court to be? Do you prefer a synthetic grass court, real grass, clay or acrylic? There are pros and cons to each surface choice, along with varying costs. This is one of the more important decisions you will make as your selection will greatly affect your play conditions. Be sure that your surface will meet your needs.


Installing lighting in your court is a necessity. Without proper lighting, you will reduce the amount of playing hours. This is especially important in Brisbane as our climate allows us to play at different times of the day year-round.

The most optimal lighting for a backyard tennis court is LED. This lighting choice is desired for a few reasons. The first is that LED light tends to contain the light to the desired area. This will annoy your neighbours less! Additionally, LED provides an even level of light across the court so keeping you and your opponent on a level playing field.

Call the Experts

Building your own tennis court is an important addition to your home that should not be taken lightly. It can affect the value of your home and provide you and your family with endless hours of entertainment where lifelong memories are made if done correctly. Protect this investment by ensuring your project is completed to the highest of quality for many years of enjoyment.

Building a home court comes with its own set of challenges but it can be done and it can be done extremely well. You’ll need to have the patience to work with a team, as well as be able to work around any challenges the weather may cause.

If you’re interested in building a tennis court in your backyard, be sure to contact us for expert advice. We can assist you from planning to positioning, lighting, to court surfaces. Ensuring your ideal court is built from start to finish.