Whenever it’s on TV, the whole family’s transfixed by it. Even holidays now get fitted in around the NBL. There’s a shared passion for sport, of course, but basketball trumps the rest, not least because you and the kids like to practise your own shots.

It’s got you thinking. That patch of land you never use next to the garage would be the ideal place for a basketball court. Turn dreams into reality as we show you how you can have your very own Backyard Basketball Court.

Professional Backyard Basketball Courts
Private courts are no longer the domain of the stars. They’re within everyone’s grasp. Our Custom Basketball Courts are safe, durable and UV resistant. A seasoned pro would feel right at home playing on them.

Some people choose a half-sized court whilst others prefer to go the whole way with the full 28 m x 15 m size. It all depends on how you want to use the court. Full-sized courts are ideal for training and for those heavily involved in basketball as a competitive sport.

Half-sized 15 m x 11 m courts may be more practical if space is tight or if you plan lots of family-style games with smaller teams.

They’ll work well for a 1 on 1 practice session or even as a side entertainment venue when there’s a large outdoor get-together. With a bit of imagination, you might even find a game to play there that suits grandchildren and grandparents alike.

Choose a Custom Basketball Court in 4 Great Colours
Impressive Pro tiles make up the surface and come in 4 different colour choices. You can mix and match to create a customised design that suits you.

The tiles act as great shock absorbers. That makes running on them less stressful on the knees and other joints compared to harder surfaces. They’ll also help to reduce the chances of abrasions and other types of injury.

We’re able to offer a range of hoops with all the pro features you’d expect. Even our best-value hoop comes with a regulation-tempered glass backboard. Leave it to us to ensure the line markings are all where they should be.

We’ll carry out an initial site inspection and install your selection of tiles on a solid 100mm concrete base. A DIY option is available too.

Key Benefits of Backyard Basketball Courts
We’re passionate about Custom Basketball Courts and, over the years, we’ve seen how and why their appeal has grown. Here’s what our customers tell us they enjoy:

  • Better use of space around the home
  • A practical all-weather area the family can use for improved fitness
  • Access to a professional court whenever they want it
  • The opportunity it gives kids to improve their coordination skills
  • The uplift in quality time spent with friends and family
  • The chance to use the court for an eclectic range of games and activities

A well-designed basketball court can dramatically improve the landscaping of a property without having to spend a small fortune. It can increase the value of your home. It’s also very low-maintenance. And, the Queensland climate is made for living and playing outdoors.

It’s time to start dribbling and perfect your slam dunks!

Talk to the Best Custom Basketball Court Installers in Brisbane
If you’re weighing up whether to make better use of part of your property by installing a basketball court, we’d love to hear from you. Bring the family together and get fit at the same time.

Impressive Courts has years of experience in installing courts throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. We pride ourselves on being the top Basketball Court Installers in Brisbane.

Talk to us and we’ll help you make the right choice for your home.