If you and your family are sports fanatics and you have some free space in your yard, chances are you’ve been eyeing up a multi-sports court. These courts are designed to tick multiple boxes for sports lovers alike. If you love tennis, basketball, pickleball, netball and soccer- read on to find out why a multi-sports court is the perfect investment for your family.

What Is A Multi-Sports Court?

Home basketball courts and home tennis courts are popular choices in Brisbane as we are fortunate with the year-round weather that keeps us enjoying and exercising outdoors for most of the year. While both types of courts are popular and boost the value of your home, those sports fanatics who can’t decide on just one sport really can have it all.

Think of a multi-sports court like the king of all courts. A hard surface or turf-based court designed for multiple sports to be played on to suit every sports lover in your home. You can play a match of tennis in the morning and a competitive neighbourhood basketball game in the afternoon.

Multi-sports courts are designed to perfection with multiple colours, lines or cutting on the surface to distinguish the markings of each game.

The Perfect Sports For Your Multi-Sports Court

The sky really is the limit. We have constructed many different combinations over the years whereby you are only limited by your imagination. Some of the more popular sports to include in your backyard sports court are:

  • Basketball keys and hoops to either end of your court.
  • Tennis lines and a net are designed for easy installation and removal.
  • Netball hoops are a great addition to your multi-sports court.
  • A ‘D’ can be put at the end of both courts for hockey players to practice skills such as dribbling, scoring and tapping.
  • Pickleball has increased in popularity over the last few years which makes it another choice for easy installation and maximum enjoyment.
  • Soccer lovers are impressed with their wide open space to practice their foot skills and striking.
  • A wicket is easily installed on the edge of your court for that yearly boxing day match with your family and friends.
  • Volleyball is another sport to add into the mix with a net that can easily be put up or taken down for a friendly match.
  • If racquet sports is your thing, badminton does not need to be forgotten.
  • We can also customize your multi-sports court to include lawn bowls, croquet, or even a golf tee if space allows.

Multi-Sports Courts for Smaller Spaces

If your yard lacks the space required for a full-sized multiplay court, we have solutions to meet both your size and budget needs. Quite often, smaller courts equal bigger workouts!

Smaller Brisbane yard space suits half-sized multiplay courts that are perfect for basketball, netball, pickleball, badminton and more. A smaller tennis court also facilitates greater play as they are suitable for singles matches whereby the ball can be reached faster which picks up the pace and increases the cardio in your game!

Perfect For Tennis Court Resurfacing

If your existing backyard tennis court is due for resurfacing, consider adapting your court for multi-sports play. This can easily be done through the assistance of Impressive Courts and our friendly design team. The end result has you continuing to enjoy the game of tennis while adding in additional games for your sports enthusiast friends and family.

If you have been considering a Brisbane multi-sports court, get in touch with our team at Impressive Courts today. We love all things sports and are passionate about creating the home court of your dreams from design to completion.